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9IN Long COUVER Wrist Sweatband

Our 9-inch sweat wristband is a lot of help for a small amount to cash. The extra long terry-cloth wrist sweatband can help in all aspects of your life. If you need to handle some hot plates in preparation for a family dinner? These long nine inch wristbands will protect your precious skin. Nurse/healthcare/social workers can use them to protect against bites and burns that happen on the job. You can use them to protect children or young adults with biting problems or scratching habits that they can't control. And of course you can use them on the field or gymnasium. The 9" wrist sweatbands are at home on the basketball court and the weight lifting room. This is the ONLY site that you will find such a ready supply of 9 inch EXTRA LONG terry-cloth wristbands.