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Blue white blue wholesale headband sweat 2color stripeBlue white blue wholesale headband sweat 2color stripe
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Blue white blue wholesale headband sweat 2color stripe

  • Model: HB85-WHT_BLE
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8lbs
  • Manufactured by: COUVER

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Fitness gyms usually sell sports items in their centers. What’s in these days and what will make good money? Buying in big orders and in bulk sets these blue-white-striped headband sweatbands will perk up your business. It is made by Couver, the high quality sweatbands manufacturer.

COUVER blue white head sweatband is great item to wear during games for fans of Tampa Bay Lightning, Indianapolis Colts, and Toronto Maple Leafs, Duke Blue Devils, or Los Angeles Dodgers. Show up to the court or field with this blue and white headband, and let everyone know you for real. The COUVER blue head sweatband is tough and will not fray after one game. The blue is deep and the white is clean. It's stylish enough for day to day tasks, or just on game day.

Wholesale Blue White Blue headband 2color stripe

1 unit contains 12 pieces of Blue White Blue headbands for $18.00

Color: Blue / White / Blue

Wholesale sports headbands - 12 pieces in one package

Product Detail:

  • Style: Stripe
  • Headband Size Type: Regular: (1.97 in x 6.69 in : 5 cm x 17 cm): One size fits most (5 year old child ~ Adult)
  • Premium quality, best priced COUVER 2color stripe headband
  • Fiber contents: Cotton 75%, Rubber 15 %, Nylon 10
  • Comfortable, absorbent cotton terry
  • How to wash: machine wash and dry (Hand wash recommended)
  • Couver Blue White Blue striped head sweatband HB85-WHT_BLE

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