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Child White Wrist Bands Wholesale Plain Style for School 6pairsChild White Wrist Bands Wholesale Plain Style for School 6pairs
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Child White Wrist Bands Wholesale Plain Style for School 6pairs

  • Model: WBC010-WHT
  • Shipping Weight: 0.18lbs
  • Manufactured by: COUVER

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Middle school children who are active in activities should not only be encouraged in whatever activity they choose, but also kept safe and comfortable by giving them the right accessories to improve their performance on the playing field. Wristbands are not only used to control sweating in the wrists, but also keep group of children in a same color. The plain white child wristbands for school can be bought in bulk of a dozen pieces, and is perfect for school events such as field trip and jog-a-thons, and for team activities in school.

children's green and white wristband wearing view

Wholesale Kids Children's Wristband Plain style white Wristbands

1 unit contains 6 pairs of cheap white kid's terry wristbands for $6.00

Color: White

Product Detail:

  • Main Feature: Children's plain style wristband
  • Fiber Contents: Cotton 80%, Nylon 12%, Rubber 8 %
  • Size Type: Kids Small (about 2.36 in x 1.18 in / 6 cm x 3 cm)
  • One size fits most Kids and Youth
  • Pattern: Plain Style
  • Made with stretch fabric material, this wristband can fit most youth. However, we recommend this item for children under age of 7.
  • How to wash: machine wash and dry (Hand wash recommended)
  • Use this wristbands for school activities, church activities, and few day events. We recommend Small Higher Quality Wristbands for Sports activities and Long term use

    Need Bigger Wristbands? =>Youth Green Wristbands Wholesale for Schools and Churches

    children's orange wristband

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