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About Products

Our five finger toe socks are perfect for a group of hikers, walkers and runners while our knee length socks can provide knee protection to the players of basketball, baseball, softball and soccer teams. We also have athletic shirts that would look great as a sports team's uniform.

More than the comfort they get, we also care about the budget restrictions of our clients. This is why our sporting goods feature the same quality as the big name brands but at a much more affordable price. Whatever athletic gear you need, you can rely on us to satisfy all your athletic needs. Our products are sought by sports teams, schools, universities, dance clubs, church members, NPO's, government association, gymnasts and sports fans because of the high quality that they have. Our company is excited to work with you in identifying which of our products will best suit your needs. We have made the shopping process a lot more accessible by accepting orders via email, mail or fax. Take a peek at what we have to offer by browsing our website. Happy shopping!

Couver provides schools from elementary level to major universities and professional team to get high quality sportswear accessories in bulk. The sweat headbands, sports sweat wristbands, and sports socks that we offer are just as good as the big name brands but for a lot less money.

We are a perfect idea for outfitting your summer camp and to add or enhance your time in the competition. We have arm band & sleeves for basketball and baseball players that are looking to keep an elbow warm. The terry cloth armbands we offer will help you or your young athlete look the part.

For those fencers out there, we have a knee high athletic sport sock that will blend in perfect with the whole teams white uniforms and guards. For the patriots out there we have an entire selection of red, white and blue themed head bands, sweat wrist bands and socks. Hikers/runners/walkers will get a kick out of the five finger toes socks that fit perfect inside those boots or toe shoes.

A church retreat or school field trip or any type of trip with a group of people poses quite a few problems. You can minimize one of those problems really fast with a bulk order of affordable wristbands from our website. Or get your group shirts that all match so you know who and what to look for if separated from the group.

Trekking clubs can get socks for their boots, headbands to keep the sweat out of their eyes, and sport wristbands to keep everything else you can reach with them dry. Our wholesale format makes these types of items easily accessible to our customers.

We proudly enjoy supporting NPO's and government run offices. Especially when they are looking for help with some items for a charity run/ walk or bake sale. We also accept government and school PO orders by fax and by mail.

We really like the products that we offer to you. We carry sweat wrist bands, athletic socks and sport headbands that can be used over and over with the same great results. The construction of our items is important, but the feel and comfort is just as important. Tennis players and cross fit athletes will appreciate and love using the 4 and 6 inch sweatbands for wrist that we have available in a lot of colors.

At Couver, we believe in providing our customers with sports accessories that are high quality and look as good as they feel. You can't completely concentrate on a basketball game if your socks are falling down or sliding on your foot. With Couver sports socks you and your team will never have that problem again. Our athletic socks are designed to stay in place from the time you put them on till you take them off.

We can make custom head sweatbands, terry-cloth sports wristbands available when you have an order of 100 pieces or more. With a minimum order of 300 pairs, you can get a large order of customized athletic socks with your own logo or number.

Couver is happy to be able to provide great sports accessories at discount lot prices. We feel that our customers have the right to provide their children, friends and customers of their own with quality that you can feel and savings that you can see.

From gymnastics academy's to Pop Warner Football leagues, you can find our wristbands and sweat headbands anywhere. Our baseball/softball/ soccer socks are available in a wide range of colors to be sure you can match or not match your teams uniform. We are also proud to have been able to supply various college and professional sports teams with the pink sport wristbands that they wear during breast cancer awareness month.

Professionals, college athletes at major universities, their fans, and children wear our products because colors match, and they fit and feel great. We look forward to helping you figure out exactly what you need and get it to you as soon as possible. We have a ton of products and colors to choose from. So have a look at our site and have fun.